iMMem (iMage Memory) is our massive image indexer service. Based on our proprietary iKode technology allow us to locate images by appearance with an unparalleled efficiency and speed level.

With iMMem enabled systems, you can retrieve an image within a million in less than a second on a normal pc machine.

Our underlying iKode technology is also web enabled so iMMem systems can be build to track or locate similar images in or across the web.


TexeK is our code-name for state of the art example based textual document classification systems.

TexeK systems are able to classify incoming documents based only on current document localisation, for example: Want to build a language selector system?, easy, just build a directory for each language and set some example documents for each language, TexeK will use them to learn how to differentiate between languages.

TexeK is also a web-enabled client-server technology, server side is able to classify external documents, as well as being asked from net clients to classify external documents.

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